Our History

Dana Kendall founded Asheville Premier Transportation in 2012. It began as a small venture with a big vision. Combining her love for travel with her passion for customer service, Dana purchased her first vehicle in the summer of that year – a 2007 white Lincoln Town Car. Today, with multiple drivers and a fleet of SUVs, sedans and luxury vans, Dana has grown her company into one of the most reliable and respected transportation and tour services in Asheville.

Furthermore in 2015, Dana expanded Asheville Premier Transportation after acquiring her friend and mentor Graham Ramsey’s companies, Silver Lining Services and Asheville Airport Express. As a result, she continues to carry on his living legacy of superior customer service and top of the line, upscale transportation.

Asheville Premier Transportation is committed to their ongoing work with Asheville community including the Asheville Symphony Orchestra, and working with schools throughout the county including Solstice, Asheville Academy, Asheville School, and Christ School, transporting children to their classrooms throughout the week.

Over the last five years, Asheville Premier Transportation has gained an impressive reputation with locals, visitors and even few celebs along the way – most of all, ensuring any travelers’ journey is as unique as their destination.

“We strive to go above and beyond to make sure our clients are happy; from the time we answer the phone until you reach your destination. Furthermore, we value every single customer no matter what the trip is, big or small.”

-Dana Kendall, founder of Asheville Premier Transportation